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About Us

Warm Hugs began in 1994 and evolved from my desire to allow my creative juices to flow in a positive and productive way while being allowed to be home with my first baby – and two thereafter! With inspiration and encouragement from my family I made 20 each of 5 different items. Hoping and praying I would sell some of them out of the corner of a friends craft booth with baby in tow. Well, long story short – all of my mix packages sold and Warm Hugs has been leaping, bounding, and expanding every year since.

Warm Hugs mixes have been converted from recipes of my grandmothers and family favorites. Full of flavor, Warm Hugs mixes are always well received. Over the years, I provided the “no frills brown bag” (now gladly evolved into the “brown box”) for those who receive these mixes as gifts and just want the “insides” because they love the mix so much.

Beside me through it all, my husband, helpmate, and cheerleader, Jim, has continually been there to encourage me in a multitude of ways… he is a gift to me. Our three amazing children Beth, John, and Nate, have been incredibly instrumental in Warm Hugs success as well. They all started turning sewn bags right side out for me early on and have progressed into a pretty good work ethic. I have come to find that their being raised in our workshop is the next best thing to being raised on a farm. This truly is a cottage business – a family business. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Most importantly I could never do this without the direction and creative inspiration of the ultimate creator Himself.  Every year I have people ask me how I can come up with all new ideas that are fresh and fun. Truly, it is a gift from God, my Source and when I no longer get inspirations I will know that it is time for the next season of my life!

In the meantime, I am so excited you joined me on this adventure of fun giftings. It is good and interesting, I believe, to have a bit of history – a story behind the gifts you give. Know that every package is put together with great thought and certainly much care. I want you to love giving it and putting a smile on someone’s face. Isn’t that just the best?